Military Transition Programme

NSCL Consulting Military Transition Programme

In many instances, military personnel have completed long periods of engagement. Leaving the forces is a huge decision, which can easily become overwhelming, particularly when you have family and financial commitments to maintain.

Deciding what resettlement courses to undertake or what career path to pursue with no civilian comparison, is the million-dollar question. Some will have never undertaken a civilian interview or produced a quality CV, which adds further friction to a life-changing event.

As the founder of NSCL Consulting, this transition programme is based on my own successful military resettlement experience which aims to inform, support, and develop you before you undertake a new career path in a project environment. NSCL Consulting Ltd has a proven record in facilitating military personnel transitioning out of the military into civilian roles.

We offer a bespoke, one to one modular support package to suit the needs of each individual, based on proven success and industry experience, we will support you in multiple areas:

⦁ Transition advice Including personal resilience.
⦁ Project Management and career advice.
⦁ Transition support Including coaching throughout the leaving process.
⦁ CV Development
⦁ Interview techniques and practice.
⦁ How to start your own Limited Business.

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    - SSgt Kevin Harvey RE

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